Insights > Hurricane Ida Daily News Conference – 9/9/21

Hurricane Ida Daily News Conference – 9/9/21


Last night we reached a major milestone. We have restored service to 98% of customers who can accept power in the Greater New Orleans area and completely restored Greater Baton Rouge. Currently, 682,000 of the 902,000 customers who lost power due to Hurricane Ida are back on. While we’ve worked to reach these milestones, we have never stopped focusing on all areas affected by this storm. In fact, we’ve been able to move up the estimated time of restoration in three very hard-hit areas, Venetian Isles, Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou, from Sept. 29 to Sept. 12.

While this is a monumental step just 10 days following a catastrophic Category Four hurricane, we know our work is not done. As we gain access into those hardest-hit areas that were directly in the eyewall and wind field of Ida, we are not backing down or slowing our momentum, we’re picking up. Our crews will continue to work tirelessly until every light is back on.

Corporate Editorial Team