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Thinking about solar as a source of energy to meet your needs?


Deciding to invest in solar facilities is a big decision and depends on you having accurate information about what that investment may mean in terms of your overall energy costs.

Contact Entergy Arkansas to be sure you know the facts before signing a long-term contract.  We can provide you information about your account that should give you a better understanding of your bill and how it may change if you buy or lease solar.

You may want to consider these details before you sign any contract:

  1. Are any promises about pricing that have been made to me by the vendor clearly spelled out in the contract?
  2. Does the contract state that my pricing will change over time?
  3. How many years is the contract for? What does the contract say will happen if I want out of the contract before then?
  4. Do I pay for power produced that is more than I require?
  5. What happens if one or more of my accounts does not need power for some reason?
  6. Do I get the Renewable Energy Credits associated with the facility?
  7. Do I have a say in the assignment of the agreement to another party if in the future the solar company wants out of the contract? Do I have the right to assign the contract like if I sell my home or business?
  8. How do I handle disputes with the solar company?

Entergy Arkansas values your business and our established relationship with you. And as the largest solar provider in the state, we are offering customers our solar energy purchase tariff, with additional offerings planned in the near term. Unlike some other solar providers, our offerings are vetted through the Arkansas Public Service Commission, and once approved, those offerings would be aimed at providing you a cost-effective, large-scale solution to meet your energy needs.

Please contact us before making any solar investment decision. We want to help you make the best short- and long-term decision for you and your community.

Contact us today at to schedule an appointment with your Entergy Arkansas customer service representative.