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Denault Welcomes National Key Accounts Customers to EEI Event


Courtesy of Entergy
Courtesy of Entergy

Entergy’s utility customers come in all types and sizes, and all are important key stakeholders for the company. But some customers, by sheer size of their operations, play huge roles in the economy and in the energy marketplace. Staying attuned to their needs, and keeping them up to speed on Entergy’s capabilities, are important parts of our strategy to grow the utility business.

With that in mind, this week Entergy Chairman and CEO Leo Denault welcomed to the Edison
Electric Institute’s spring conference in New Orleans representatives of national key accounts customers. The semi-annual EEI workshop helps national, chain and multisite energy users – think WalMart, 7-Eleven, as well as grocery store and restaurant chains – discuss their energy-related needs.

“The companies you represent contribute somewhere upwards of $13 billion in revenue to our industry every year,” Denault said. That makes them “important not just to Entergy and our communities – not just to the American economy, but in many cases the global economy.”

Participants in the workshop often use the event to see how utility companies are prepared to help their businesses manage energy costs, develop new locations, or participate in efficiency or sustainability programs.

“We are working to provide better customer service to all of you by giving you new ways to work with us,” Denault said, such as Entergy’s new business development services organization. As part of that group, he explained, the Entergy Business Center serves as a one-stop shop for commercial and retail customers, staffed by experienced people who are experts in handling issues such as service initiation, billing resolution and power quality enhancements

Other efforts to provide value for national accounts, Denault said, include dedicated managed account executives ready to make site visits, improvements underway to the managed accounts website and energy efficiency programs in all four of our states.

He sketched for attendees the outlines of the continuing economic renaissance across the Entergy service territory, reflected in stats such as these:

  • Since 2006, growth in per capita income in Arkansas at almost twice the national average.
  • More than $50 billion in new capital investment in Louisiana, creating more than 80,000 new direct and indirect jobs since 2008.
  • Recent corporate investment in Mississippi generating more than 7,000 new jobs.
  • Our Texas service territory – around Beaumont and Houston – growing across multiple sectors, with Beaumont having attracted more than $14.2 billion in capital in recent years, creating thousands of new jobs.

To keep the good story going, Denault said, Entergy is determined to help customers by strengthening their resiliency, keeping rates low, investing heavily to modernize our generation fleet and make it even more efficient

“It’s a new day here in the Gulf South,” he said. “Business is booming, our population is growing and for those of us who’ve lived here a long time, there’s a new spirit of optimism and wanting to get things done. At Entergy, we are 100 percent committed to doing everything we can to see this trajectory continue, well into the future.” ​


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