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Entergy joins conversation with New Orleans leaders on enhancing the US power grid


Recently, Entergy partnered with the news website Axios for an inaugural event marking the online publication’s expansion into the New Orleans media market. During the program, Entergy Chairman and CEO Drew Marsh joined key New Orleans leaders and policymakers to discuss best strategies to modernize the United States power grid, accelerate the clean energy transition and improve energy reliability and resilience.

The program also featured New Orleans City Council President Jean-Paul Morrell, United Way of Southeast Louisiana President and CEO Michael Williamson, and The Beach at UNO President and CEO Rebecca Conwell.

The conversation kicked off with Councilmember Morrell as he touched on the importance of selecting a plan that improves grid resiliency while keeping it affordable for our customers and communities.

“As a Councilperson, as a regulator, we have to select a plan that both improves and makes the grid more resilient without making it impossible to be able to pay your utility bill and live here.”

Marsh agreed and highlighted how the needs of the power grid today have evolved since the infrastructure was first put in place decades ago.

“The world has changed,” said Marsh. “We talk about 25 years ago, but if you go back to when I was a kid, most of the grid is — as Councilmember Morrell was explaining — it’s been around for a long, long time. The standards to which it was constructed or built were for that point in time.”

Watch a replay of the conversation here.

He added that there’s a significant investment required for strengthening the power grid since much of the existing infrastructure has to be replaced because it's not built to modern standards.

Marsh also touched on the importance of hardening the power grid to allow us to better respond to more frequent and stronger storms, while balancing affordability and reliability for our customers and communities.

“Reliability, affordability and sustainability – that is another key element to it,” said Marsh. “And we are focused on all three of those aspects. That’s top of mind for us all the time.”

All of the speakers emphasized the importance of having this conversation now – to ensure our power grid and infrastructure is resilient, affordable, secure and can withstand future weather. Marsh emphasized by discussing and addressing the challenges and vulnerabilities of our power grid, our city leaders can continue to develop effective strategies to ensure a sustainable energy future for our communities.

Marsh added that Entergy is partnering and collaborating with policymakers, both here in Louisiana and in Washington, D.C., to enhance the grid and the importance of working with key leaders to build a cleaner, more resilient and sustainable energy future.

“It is very partnership oriented. We are working together to try and find solutions [for our customers’ benefit],” said Marsh.

Learn about our Entergy Future Ready plan here.

Cristina del Canto
Senior Communications Specialist