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Entergy New Orleans improves reliability in New Orleans East


Entergy New Orleans is excited to announce the addition of a new high voltage power transformer to the Curran Substation. High voltage transformers are the backbone of our distribution infrastructure as they play a critical role in supplying power to our customers. Without them, the seamless delivery of electricity would not be possible.

The high voltage power transformer benefits customers in the New Orleans East area by providing:

Enhanced Reliability

By adding beneficial redundancy to our infrastructure, this new transformer strengthens the area's reliability. In the event of an emergency or equipment failure, it ensures there is a secondary source of power available to minimize disruptions for our customers.

Improved Load Distribution

The new transformer will help disperse the area's power load more efficiently. This means a more balanced distribution of electricity, reducing the risk of overloads and outages during peak demand periods.

At Entergy New Orleans, our customers are at the center of everything we do. We continuously invest in upgrading our infrastructure to meet their evolving needs and expectations. The installation of the high voltage power transformer is an example of our ongoing commitment to providing reliable, high-quality service to the communities we serve.

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