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Green for Green


Entergy’s Environmental Initiatives Fund directs $800,000 annually toward environmental improvement projects. Apply now.

Helping ensure clean air, water and other natural resources is a key action Entergy Corporation takes to fulfill its mission of adding sustainable value to our communities. Through Entergy's Environmental Initiatives Fund, $800,000 in shareholder contributions is available annually to implement ideas for environmental projects and programs that help improve local communities.

Got a great green idea? Submit your proposal for funding consideration in 2019 through the link provided in the Request for Proposals available here. All proposals must be received by midnight Central time, April 12, 2019.

"Protecting our natural resources is a fundamental responsibility we all share," said Chuck Barlow, Entergy's vice president of sustainability and environmental policy. "A healthy environment is the foundation for economic prosperity and quality of life. The Environmental Initiatives Fund fuels innovation and encourages community partnerships that help make our world a better place to live and work."

Your project’s value will be determined based on:

  • Potential to create environmental benefits
  • Location (projects within the utility service area or near non-utility company operations such as Entergy Wholesale Commodities plant sites are given preference)
  • Project quality
  • Developer standing, reputation, and co-party risk
  • Likelihood that a project would not move forward without EIF funding
  • Marketing and public relations opportunities
  • Project specific terms and conditions
  • Uniqueness, innovative quality or opportunity to expand into self-funding projects

The company's sustainability and environmental policy team manages the fund, evaluates project proposals, solicits approval from company leaders and awards funding to the best ideas.

Since 2001, EIF has supported wetlands restoration in Louisiana, reforestation in Mississippi and Texas, waterway and wildlife conservation in Arkansas, and a host of volunteer opportunities and other projects you can learn about here.

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