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Learn why you should electrify your lawn care


Keeping your outdoor space beautiful isn't a walk in the park. Mowing the lawn, keeping bushes in shape and clearing leaves takes hard work. But if you're still using gasoline-fueled lawn tools, you could be working harder than you need to.

Electrifying your lawn tools can make your job easier while being kinder to the environment. Read on to discover the many benefits of going electric outdoors.

Less maintenance

Electric lawn tools will never need replacement engine oil, spark plugs or filters. With battery-powered models, you won't need to check for frayed or damaged wires that can lead to other safety hazards. Just charge the battery after use and it will be ready the next time you are.

The best part? Electric lawn tools will start right up even if you haven't used them for a long time. You can't say the same for their gas-fueled counterparts.

Fewer health risks

Electrifying your lawn can also improve the health of your family, your community and the planet. Because they don't need gasoline, you won't have to store dangerous fuel in your garage or shed. And you won't have to breathe in the dirty exhaust as you take care of your yard.

They also have the benefit of quiet operation. Electric lawn tools often produce an amount of noise equivalent to a normal conversation, while gasoline-fueled tools can often be as loud as a motorcycle.

Decreased costs

Going electric when it comes to yard care can leave a little extra money in your wallet, too. Electric lawn tools can often have lower upfront cost than gasoline-fueled tools. Less maintenance down the line means even more savings you can put toward other appealing lawn features.

Ease of use

If you've ever had to push a heavy gasoline-fueled mower up a steep hill or lug around an old gasoline leaf blower, you'd probably appreciate something a little lighter. Electric lawn tools are lightweight and easy to carry, push and use.

Starting gasoline-fueled lawn tools is no easy feat, either. Electrification puts that annoying task to rest with an easy push-button start.

Electrifying your lawn tools can make your yard beautiful, your life easier and the planet greener. What could be better?

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