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Meet the pros: Entergy’s Tim Barnes


Tim Barnes is an engineering supervisor for Entergy Nuclear.
Tim Barnes is an engineering supervisor for Entergy Nuclear.

Meet Tim Barnes, an engineering supervisor in the central design organization engineering team who has worked at Entergy Nuclear headquarters in Jackson, Miss., for more than five years.

Barnes’s team works on design projects for the four nuclear sites in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, specifically planning designs to move large equipment in and out of buildings. His team reviews the loading and unloading by using calculations to ensure it is safe for the workers and the building. They make sure that everything can fit in and out of the space, which may entail taking down walls and piping temporarily and then reconstructing them.

“It’s similar to threading a needle to get a 60,000-pound piece of equipment in or out of a building, but with the utmost importance that it is done safely,” said Barnes.

Barnes grew up in the Jackson area and earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Mississippi State University and Texas A&M, respectively. While earning his graduate degree, he became certified in historic preservation, which helps him understand how to modify existing buildings with limitations.

Barnes’s favorite part of his position is the advice and mentorship he gives and receives through Entergy Nuclear’s emphasis on teamwork.

“I’m in such a great group of people with varying levels of experience,” Barnes said. “It allows me to share what I understand with others and to be able to ask for feedback when I need it. I’m never on my own, which produces better results for the company. If the team is investing in each other, then everyone is improving, and we learn to rely on each other more. It’s a great environment for collaboration, which is one of the best things Entergy does.”

Barnes explained how he appreciates the nuclear industries’ focus on safety.

“Safety is at the forefront of my mind when I’m designing,” he said. “Nuclear does a great job of distinguishing between designing the easiest way and designing the safest way. Designing the safest way is always most important.”

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