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Power Principle: A Safety Conversation with Courtney Patrick


Courtney Patrick with her sons Landen and Londen.
Courtney Patrick with her sons Landen and Londen.

Courtney Patrick joined Entergy nearly three years ago as an engineering associate and recently moved to a meterman trainee position in Jackson, Mississippi. She lives and works safely for her family, including her sons Landen and Londen.

What does our value of living a safe and healthy life mean to you?  For me, safe and healthy living means to be mindful of my mental and my physical health. It embodies not only taking care of my physical health but also maintaining peace of mind.

How does our safety principle emphasizing off the job safety as an important part of overall safety efforts motivate you to work safely? My job takes me to customers’ homes and businesses every day. This principle motivates me to be aware and pay close attention to what I’m doing no matter where I am. It’s a great reminder to keep my head where my hands are and with what I am doing, in the yard or in the house. I also look out for those around me to make sure I’m being safe with my friends and family, especially my sons Landen and Londen. At home and at work, the activity around me is perpetually changing. Always being aware of my surroundings keeps my head on a swivel so I can watch out for potentially dangerous situations.

What is your proudest safety moment at Entergy Mississippi? I was part of our storm restoration response team that went to Florida after Hurricane Irma. Our team worked safely and efficiently to restore power in several areas. We met so many residents who were suffering and even though we had a tough job to do, we had empathy for them. They knew we were human and had families just like them – and that we had to do our jobs safely. The traffic was dreadful and because we were very careful, we had no accidents within our group.

Above, Courtney with her colleague, Rod Thomas, during Hurricane Irma restoration efforts.

What do you want others to know about Entergy? Entergy is a wonderful, family-oriented company that takes safety matters seriously. Supervisors make sure we get the safety training we need and holds employees accountable for safety. Safety is just part of who we are.

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