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Solar Success: Entergy Mississippi Solar Stations are Powering Life


Entergy Mississippi’s “Bright Future” solar pilot project is shining a light on the way we learn about solar power. The first utility-owned solar project in the state, our solar system consists of three 500kW power stations located in different locations across our service territory.

  • The northern site is the DeSoto Solar Station, located in DeSoto County and made up of 3,720 fixed-tilt mounted solar panels.
  • The central site is the Hinds Solar Station, located in Jackson and made up of 3,768 solar panels mounted on a single-axis tracking system, which follows the sun across the sky.
  • The southern site is the Brookhaven Solar Station, located in Brookhaven and consisting of 3,720 fixed-tilt mounted solar panels, just like the DeSoto Solar Station.

All three sites are now online and generating power! Actually, we just dedicated the Hinds Solar Station in Jackson today. Visit our real-time monitoring website for photos and information on how much energy each station is producing. It also gives some interesting stats like how much CO2 a solar station has offset, how many houses could be powered for a year and much more. Here’s the link:

We’re excited about Entergy’s bright future, and we hope you are, too! Be sure to check out our Entergy Mississippi Solar website for access to news, photos and video:

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