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Spring forward with energy savings


Entergy Texas offers programs to help customers save energy and money during the warmer days ahead 

Blooming flowers, warmer temperatures, and longer days are just a few signs that help mark the start of spring. For many, the seasonal switch serves as a time to declutter and freshen up around the house. However, spring can also serve as the ideal time to tidy up your energy bill. 

Entergy Texas customers can save energy and money by taking a few simple steps to make their home more energy efficient. Basic improvements like duct sealing or adding insulation to your attic or walls can yield big returns.

“Entergy Texas is constantly seeking ways to help our customers manage energy usage and costs,” said Haley Kingery, Entergy Texas customer service specialist. “With peak allergy and humidity season right around the corner, our Entergy Solutions residential programs can help customers live healthier and reduce energy waste—all while saving money on their electric bill.”

Entergy Texas offers the following residential energy-efficient programs:

  • The Residential Standard Offer Program helps reduce energy costs by providing energy efficient services. Basic improvements include duct sealing, adding insulation to your attic or walls and sealing air returns that can yield big returns. 
  • The Hard-To-Reach (Low-Income) Standard Offer Program is designed to help customers enhance their home’s energy efficiency at little or no charge. Improvements may include duct sealing, weather stripping, caulking around windows, sealing plumbing penetrations, checking and sealing air returns/ducts and adding attic insulation, all of which can save money on electric bills. 
  • Residential CoolSaver A/C Tune-Ups provide several benefits, including refined humidity control, increased efficiency and longer equipment life. To tune up your cooling cost, schedule a CoolSaver A/C Tune-up and one of our program-qualified technicians will clean, correct, adjust and optimize your air conditioning to whip it back into energy-saving, comfort-boosting shape. If that wasn’t cool enough, Entergy Texas will cover the cost of your tune-up, valued at more than $200 per A/C system. 

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