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Tax Day Super Rewarding for Customers and Entergy Volunteers


King cakes and beads prevail this time of year, but some low-income customers have a different reason to celebrate. Many of them will qualify for tax credits they didn’t even know they could get.

Entergy Louisiana is sponsoring Super Tax Day events across the state to help customers qualify for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit. The Internal Revenue Service reports that 20 percent of EITC funds go unclaimed, simply because people don’t know they are available. Since 2011, more than 22,000 Louisiana residents have received $31.8 million through Entergy’s sponsorship of free tax assistance sites.

For employees who volunteer at these events, the experience can be just as rewarding.

"Seeing the look of gratification on our customers’ faces is priceless," said administrative assistant Jeanine Green, who works in the Baton Rouge legal department at North Boulevard. "They are shocked it is free and can’t believe we give up our time to do this for them. They are all so grateful -- even those who have to pay."

Earned Income Tax Credit benefits families or individuals who earned up to $54,000 in 2015. Based on income and the number of children in the household, benefits can amount up to $6,200. For a list of all Super Tax Day events or to get more information, visit

"Last year an elderly couple came in and was able to get a refund. It was more than they expected, and they didn’t have to pay to have their taxes done," Green said. "They indicated they paid about $300 the previous year to have their taxes done. They kept trying to pay us or bring us something for giving up our time and family to help them."

Ashley Pitts, a substation planner/scheduler at Pecue Lane, volunteers because it feels good to help people get money they can use for everyday essentials they might not otherwise be able to afford.

"Volunteering is a win/win situation. I am not only giving back to the community, but I can use my volunteer hours to earn grants for the community," she said.

Both Green and Pitts are in their second year of volunteering to do taxes for the public.

"If I can do this, anyone can do it," Green said. "Just seeing the expressions and hearing the gratitude makes it worth it. It actually gives me chill bumps."

Kacee Kirschvink
Manager, Entergy Arkansas Communications