Journalists and event organizers are invited to contact our media relations team for assistance. If you have a media inquiry or an interview, conference or public speaking request, please contact the appropriate media relations team below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Not a member of the news media? Please use these options to better assist you:

Contact media relations


Kacee Kirschvink

Heather Kendrick

24/7 Arkansas media line: 501-500-3581


Brandon Scardigli

David Freese

24/7 Louisiana media line: 504-576-4132


Leyla Goodsell

Candace Coleman

New Orleans

Beau Tidwell

24/7 Louisiana media line: 504-576-4132


Texas media relations

Kendra James

24/7 Texas media line: 281-297-2353


Mike Bowling

Mara Hartmann


Michelle Delery

Neal Kirby

24/7 corporate media line: 504-576-4238