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Entergy Arkansas' Continuous Energy Improvement initiative saves businesses money


One south Arkansas company estimated to have saved over $1 million in energy costs

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Arkansas businesses are receiving thousands of dollars in incentive payments and saving even more than that in energy usage by participating in Entergy Arkansas' Entergy Solutions Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI) initiative.

CEI, which provides energy efficiency strategies, consulting advice and technical expertise designed to help companies save money and energy, has awarded five companies $862,482 and is estimated to generate energy savings of 36.5 million kilowatt hours. These energy savings keep more dollars in customers' pockets by reducing their energy costs while helping their facilities run more efficiently. 

CEI is provided at no additional cost to customers and is proven to change the way people use energy within their organization’s facility, which leads to quantifiable savings and fosters a culture of energy awareness.

Here’s a look at a few of CEI’s success stories:

Roseburg Forest Products

By participating in Entergy’s CEI initiative, Roseburg Forest Products in El Dorado, AR, has received nearly $400,000 in incentives from Entergy Arkansas and avoided over 19 million kWh in energy usage, which equates to approximately $1,100,000 in avoided energy costs.

Starting in 2021, Roseburg Forest Products engaged with Entergy’s (CEI) initiative to continue their commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. By participating in CEI, Roseburg committed to reducing energy usage by 5% in the first year. After exceeding that 5% goal in the first year and considering the new motivation to complete additional energy-saving projects, the organization increased their goal to 10% for the second year.

Danfoss Power Solutions

Another CEI success story is Danfoss Power Solutions in Searcy, Arkansas. This organization also engaged with Entergy's (CEI) initiative in 2021. Like Roseburg, they exceeded their initial goal to decrease energy usage by 5% goal in the first year and then increased the goal to 15% for the second year. Since the beginning of Danfoss Power Solutions' participation in CEI, they have received $37,785 in incentives from Entergy Arkansas and avoided more than 1 million kWh in energy usage, which equates to over $80,000 in avoided energy costs.

“We love seeing our customers, like Danfoss, meet their goals and reap the benefits of increased energy savings and overall cost efficiency,” said Todd Welter, Entergy customer service manager. “Danfoss is a great example of a company whose participation in our Entergy Solutions initiatives has helped them prioritize environmental responsibility and see the benefits of these efforts, which will continue to increase over time.”  

The CEI initiative begins with people and focuses on even the smallest behaviors and how those have an impact on our efficiency. The initiative emphasizes low-cost and no-cost behavioral and operation changes like powering down equipment during breaks and on weekends to help organizations save energy and be more sustainable, while receiving incentives from Entergy Arkansas. As a part of CEI, participants receive benefits from Entergy Arkansas, including one-on-one coaching and attending energy-saving workshops to learn more about how to save energy from Entergy Arkansas representatives, as well as other CEI participants.

Other Arkansas organizations that have benefited from the Entergy Solutions CEI measure include:

Molex - Maumelle, Arkansas
Incentive: $300,426
Estimated annual kWh savings: 15,021,348 kWh

City of Batesville - Batesville, Arkansas
Incentive: $7,006
Estimated annual kWh savings: 58,389 kWh

Mayville Engineering - Heber Springs, Arkansas
Incentive: $127,715
Estimated annual kWh savings: 1,012,730 kWh

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