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Entergy Nuclear Facilities Continue Preparations for Hurricane Irene


NEW ORLEANS – Entergy Nuclear's Indian Point Energy Center in New York, Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts and Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vermont are continuing to track Hurricane Irene's path and potential for high winds and rainfall as the storm approaches New York and New England.

"Our nuclear plants are designed and built to withstand extreme weather," said John Herron, president and CEO of Entergy Nuclear. "Our team of expert personnel worked diligently this past week to ensure our plants are prepared for any impacts resulting from this storm."

Entergy employees at each site began preparing for the storm earlier this week and work is continuing to ensure each plant is prepared for the worst conditions the storm is expected to deliver.  In addition to coordinating with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the New York Independent System Operator, preparations for the storm include reviewing emergency staffing plans and verifying emergency communications sources such as satellite phones and radios, communicating with local and state emergency response organizations, and securing outside material and equipment around the plant sites.

Back-up diesel-powered generators are available to provide electricity to plant safety systems if power from outside sources is lost. In addition, in the event of a loss of offsite power, plants are designed to safely shut down should they need to. Entergy Nuclear operators at each site have ensured sufficient diesel generator fuel and water as part of preparations to deal with an extended loss of off-site power in the event that damage to area transmission lines interrupts that power source.

Under severe weather procedures, plant operators monitoring area wind speeds may actually take precautionary actions to begin shutting the plants down prior to those winds reaching the site.

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