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At the Vanguard of Change


Greg Fenn
Greg Fenn

30-year Entergy veteran working to help shape smarter energy future for Entergy customers

After nearly 30 years on the front lines of customer service for Entergy, Greg Fenn is now part of the vanguard working to transform the way the company operates.

“Customers are going to see a huge shift in the way we do business over the next three to five years,” Fenn said.

Fenn is a member of an Entergy team leading the way toward building a smarter energy future that will feature improved outage response, new tools to help customers save money, and improved customer service.

Entergy’s vision for that future took a big step forward in Louisiana recently when state regulators unanimously approved a multi-year plan to install advanced meters at homes and businesses served by Entergy Louisiana.

“Our customers are expecting a different level of service these days, and an advanced metering system is the platform that enables us to get there,” Fenn said.

Fenn was ready to help drive that change. “I wanted to be part of something that will transform our company and help our customers, and I jumped at the opportunity.” 

He is now part of a team supporting projects that will both change how Entergy interacts with customers and modernize Entergy’s grid.

Advanced meters are the foundation for creating a smarter energy future. Over the next 18 months, Entergy Louisiana will build and deploy the IT systems and infrastructure needed for the technology and installation of the advanced meters. Meter installation will begin in early 2019 and be complete by the end of 2021.

For customers, the upgrade to advanced meters will produce numerous benefits.

“It gives customers options and control. It will allow for such things as energy management systems and daily usage monitoring so customers can manage their energy consumption, which can lead to lower bills,” Fenn said.

Customers can also anticipate faster outage restoration. The meters will provide a clear, real-time picture of the power grid, allowing employees to identify outages more quickly and accurately, Fenn said.

“With better information, we can answer customers’ billing and service questions more quickly and effectively,” Fenn said.

“Advanced metering systems will provide tons of data,” Fenn said. “We will need to have the systems and people in place to use that data so it provides value to our customers.”

Learn more about Entergy Louisiana’s vision here:

Michael Burns
Manager, Entergy Louisiana Communications