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Continually Investing to Improve Our Service


Electricity plays a huge part in our lives. Whether it’s at your home, school or work, reliable power keeps our lives moving.

To keep the power reliably flowing, Entergy Texas crews are regularly working to make reliability upgrades to improve equipment with newer, more modern technology. One example of this regular reliability work is a project in the Grogan’s Point neighborhood of The Woodlands. Residents may see crews making improvements to our infrastructure that will continue to power life for our customers.

Crews are working to install new cable in the area that will improve reliability and speed up our ability to restore power outages. Our crews are working to install 3,600 feet of new cable underground. 

On this specific project, crews are working to modernize the type of cable installed. When the underground electric system in The Woodlands was first built, Entergy directly buried its cables in the ground. Over time, however, this exposes our equipment to wear and tear from the environment and requires us to dig up cable and disrupt landscaping. 

Our new approach is to bore underground and lay conduit – a kind of PVC pipe that we thread the new cable through. This protects the cable, and most importantly allows us to quickly pull out cable and install new cable. 

The work behind these types of reliability improvements involves more than just the crews on the road. These projects require engineers to develop the plans, vegetation management crews to clear areas for work and customer service representatives to alert local customers and community members about where we are working. On some of these projects, Entergy even employs a traffic control company to help ensure we are keeping our workers and the public safe as we work. 

This project is just one in a number of efforts Entergy Texas is taking to improve how we serve our customers. This year, we’re investing millions of dollars toward distribution reliability improvement projects across our service territory.

These infrastructure upgrades will play an important role in improving the reliability of electric service in the area. Over the next three years, Entergy Texas is investing more than $2 billion to power the future of Southeast Texas. This includes the construction of a new power plant, transmission lines, substations and distribution enhancements to reliably transport electricity to nearly half a million homes and businesses.

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