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Deflate your holiday costs with inflatable decorations


In recent years, inflatable holiday decorations have become increasingly popular, especially around the winter holiday season. It’s magical seeing a huge inflatable snow globe lit at night swirling with snow.

Although many people are under the assumption that these inflatable decorations use significant energy, they often can be less of a hit to your energy bill than traditional string lights. A large inflatable snow globe consumes about 150 watts of energy. For a three-month span, running about sixteen hours per day, the total electricity cost would total approximately $22 for the entire season. If you ran them twenty-four hours a day, the cost for three months would total around $30.

On the other hand, traditional string lights use about ten watts per bulb. Ten twenty-five bulb string lights lit for five hours per day would cost around $38 a month to power. However, If you do opt for traditional lighting, be sure to choose LED lights to help save both energy and money.

Regardless of which decorations you decide to use this year, don’t forget to add a timer so you can deflate your energy costs this holiday season!

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