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Delivering the Energy Efficiency Message


Letter carrier Pam Butler is pulling double duty to help her customers.

She’s delivering the mail and sharing news of how Entergy Louisiana’s energy efficiency program can save them money.

Entergy Solutions Louisiana helped cut Butler’s energy bill, so she is spreading the word “to almost everybody I know” – from customers on her Kenner mail route to people at church to friends and family.

Butler first learned about the program when one of her customers gave her the phone number (855-770-9122). Butler called, and now “my Entergy bill is down to where I’m comfortable with the payment,” she said.

She’s shared the phone number with a lot of people. And “not one person has had anything negative to say or was not satisfied. To me, that’s a good thing,” she said.

Professional, thorough, fast

While Pauline Odom didn’t hear about the program from Butler, the Chalmette resident is another enthusiastic convert to the benefits of energy efficiency. After talking with her landlord, Entergy Solutions contractors contacted Odom in late October and performed an energy assessment of her home.

They added attic insulation and sealed her home’s air ducts – all at no cost. She estimates her utility bill dropped by $40 in the first month after the work was complete.

"The men who did the work were very professional, very thorough and fast,” she said.

Cutting greenhouse gases

Butler, Odom and thousands of other customers are not only saving money; they are reducing their carbon footprint as well.

Since its start two years ago, Entergy Solutions Louisiana has helped customers save an estimated 60 million kilowatt-hours. That’s equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from 8,907 passenger vehicles driven for one year or 101,058,723 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. 

Another way to look at it: Saving that much electricity is the same as eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions from burning 4,744,746 gallons of gasoline or 44,995,729 pounds of coal, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

If you’re not on Butler’s mail route, you can still get in on the savings. Either call the Energy Solutions Center at 855-770-9122 or visit to get started.

Michael Burns