Insights > Determination and hard work pay off for Dustin Bowen, recognized as Entergy Lineman of the Game

Determination and hard work pay off for Dustin Bowen, recognized as Entergy Lineman of the Game


For the last 11 years, Entergy Arkansas Senior Lineman Dustin Bowen has been working hard to ensure customers in south Arkansas have reliable power. Bowen currently works in the Fordyce office, serving the Warren network for Entergy Arkansas.

“The thing I love most about my job that there is always something different,” said Bowen. “In every job you go on, whether it’s a car wreck, a right-of-way access concern, storm work, or another kind of issue, you never quite know what to expect.”

Bowen’s outstanding work ethic and dedication to his job has been recognized by Entergy Arkansas leadership. Bowen has been chosen as Entergy’s Lineman of the Game for the upcoming NFL game featuring the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons.

“Dustin is an outstanding leader, lineman, and employee,” said Entergy Arkansas Transmission Lines Supervisor Jeff Brown. “He accepts his leadership role as senior lineman and anytime there are issues related to storms, our customers, or coverage for his area he steps up and addresses them. I have been told by numerous Entergy supervisors and operation coordinators from Distribution and Substation in the past how they would love to have him on their crews. I appreciate Dustin’s leadership and work ethic he displays for the Warren network.”

During each Saints home game this year, a well-deserving Entergy lineman helps power the stadium to get the crowd going for the home team. On Sunday, Jan. 7, Bowen will be recognized in front of a stadium full of fans as the Saints battle the Falcons for the division title. Bowen and his son will be treated to a VIP experience, with on-field access and a special recognition before the game.

Entergy Arkansas leaders say they love getting to recognize employees like Bowen who do so much for customers in Arkansas.

“I am thrilled that we have an opportunity to recognize Dustin as the Lineman of the Game. I wish we could recognize all the men and women of Entergy that truly ‘power life’ for our customers and our communities,” said Michael Considine, vice president for power delivery for Entergy Arkansas. “Specifically, lineman like Dustin are first responders in the truest sense and it’s an honor to work alongside individuals like him who make sacrifices so that we can deliver to our stakeholders.”

Bowen says the sacrifices are more than worth it, and he is thankful for what his job has brought to him over the years.

“It has been really nice being able to meet people from all over the state and forming life-long friendships with these guys,” said Bowen.

Outside of work, Bowen loves hunting and fishing and working around his farm. He and his wife have a daughter, Lily and a son, Garrett, and spend lots of time watching their sports and activities.

Entergy Arkansas is proud of Dustin Bowen for receiving this tremendous honor!


Arkansas Editorial Team