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Electricity Versus a Cup of Coffee - the Cost of Each May Surprise You



As I sit here on the couch with my laptop and drink a cold soda, the TV humming in the background and my ceiling fan cooling my sweaty self after hanging holiday lights, I am keenly aware of all the electricity I’m using.  

But normally, unless my bill arrives in the mail or I crank up the A/C on a hot summer day, I rarely ever think about using electricity.

What do I do when I wake up first thing in the morning? I turn on the light, check my fully-charged cell phone, turn on my coffee maker and take a hot shower. All these things require electricity, but do I think about it? Not at all. Chances are you don’t think about it either.

So, exactly how much does my routine of electricity use cost me? The answer for me and average residential Entergy Arkansas electric customers – about $3.65 a day.

That’s just $3.65 to cook my meals, use my A/C, watch my shows, wash my clothes, refrigerate my groceries, wash my dishes, etc.  To put things in perspective, I pulled up my recent grocery receipts to see what other items cost me. Here’s what I found:  

  • K-Cup coffee - $12.94
  • Deli meat - $4.98
  • Dill pickles - $2.58
  • Bacon salad topping - $3.78
  • Mixed nuts - $7.98
  • Mayonnaise - $3.77
  • Ibuprofen - $10.47
  • Breakfast sausage - $3.48
  • Copy paper- $4.44
  • Chicken breasts - $9.73
  • Printer ink - $28.89
  • Diet Coke - $4.98
  • Half-gallon of milk - $2.07
  • Paper Plates - $3.64
  • Cereal - $3.64
  • Bread - $2.98
  • Pumpkin - $3.98

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that my grocery bill has skyrocketed since COVID-19. Yet, my electric rates haven’t changed. Seriously, a box of sugary cereal equates to a whole day’s worth of life-saving electricity! That’s what I call a great value. So next time you flip that light switch or turn on that dishwasher, take a minute to think about the value you get from electricity. Chances are it will brighten your day.

Kacee Kirschvink
Manager, Entergy Arkansas Communications