Insights > Entergy chiefs: We all have a stake in a cleaner environment through lower emissions (The Advocate)

Entergy chiefs: We all have a stake in a cleaner environment through lower emissions (The Advocate)


The Gulf South, particularly communities within Louisiana, is home to the largest industrial economy in the United States. The energy needs of this group of customers is unique and energy demands are growing, including new industry coming to Louisiana. Developing environmental policy that balances the needs of this industry and their associated jobs with the future of our state and region is critical for a prosperous, sustainable future.

Governor John Bel Edwards’ recently released Climate Action Plan does just that. It focuses on increased electrification of the state’s large industrial operations with clean, renewable power. This aspect of the plan aligns with Entergy’s own climate objectives and our focus on serving customers. While we may not agree with all the methodologies laid out in the Climate Action Plan, we understand that the administration is recognizing this national trend in needed climate action.

Our state’s large industrial customers set important greenhouse gas emission reduction goals for their businesses, and powering their operations with cleaner energy, including renewables, helps them achieve their objectives. A recent example is Entergy Louisiana’s collaboration with Sempra Infrastructure.

It is important to many large industrial customers that the electricity they increasingly require to power their equipment and operations be not only clean, but also affordable and reliable.

Entergy is well-positioned to provide the abundant amounts of power that fuels this growth and the growth of our entire region. We provide power at rates below the national average, and the power we generate is some of the cleanest among large-scale power companies in the nation. This potent combination of low rates and increasingly clean power is helping our customers grow their businesses and meet their environmental goals.

Clean, affordable and reliable power drives economic growth, resulting in increased investment and good paying, clean energy jobs in our communities. We look forward to continuing to do our part to help Louisiana thrive for generations to come.


Phillip May, President and CEO
Entergy Louisiana

Deanna Rodriguez, President and CEO
Entergy New Orleans

Letter originally published in the Feb. 15, 2022, edition of The Baton Rouge Advocate, The Acadiana Advocate and The New Orleans Advocate.

Deanna Rodriguez
President and CEO, Entergy New Orleans