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Entergy Employees Advocate for Communities in State Capitol


The Montgomery County Days delegation.

County delegations consisting of business leaders, elected officials and local representatives from across Southeast Texas recently made their way to the Texas Capitol to advocate for their communities. As these delegations met with state legislators to learn about issues facing Texas, Entergy employees were there to ensure our communities were represented in Austin.

The Texas Legislature convenes for 180 days every two years. During this time, legislators will draft the state's budget and consider thousands of other bills. To help advocate for the needs of specific regions, leaders across the state gather businesses and community partners to educate legislators on the specific needs of their area.

"Helping our region grow means being there to support our community leaders in Austin," said Chance Sampson, vice president of public affairs for Entergy Texas.

Groups from Orange, Jefferson, Liberty, Washington Walker, Chambers, Grimes and Montgomery Counties all visited Austin earlier this year.

Members of Entergy Texas’ business and economic development group visit with local leaders.