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Entergy Louisiana storm update – 6/16/23, 8 a.m.


A destructive line of storms with high winds swept across North Louisiana this morning, knocking out power to thousands of customers from Bossier to East Carrol and Madison parishes. In just a few hours, crews have been able to restore power to approximately 10,000 customers.

At the peak around 5 a.m., approximately 41,000 Entergy Louisiana customers were without power, and as of 8 a.m., approximately 31,000 remained without power.

According to the National Weather Service – Shreveport, a “complex of thunderstorms” brought winds as high as 80 mph in Shreveport and approximately 55 mph in Monroe. Those winds speeds, combined with lightning, have the potential to cause significant damage.

Although early reports indicate the storms brought down trees and limbs, and in the process, power lines and electric equipment, Entergy crews will continue assessing damages, developing a thorough restoration plan and getting the lights back on throughout the morning and into the day where it is safe to do so. While there is some work like field switching (essentially, rerouting of power) crews can do to quickly restore power, other work may be more involved and require certain materials and personnel — like chainsaws, tree trimmers, bucket trucks and distribution line workers — to complete the job.

While some customers have already been restored, complete restoration will take time in the hardest hit areas. It is too soon to know which areas are hardest hit and how quickly crews will be able to make repairs or install new equipment, but the company is committed to keeping customers updated throughout the process.

Customers are asked to remember that the most dangerous part of a storm event can be after the weather has passed through because there could be energized electric equipment on the ground and other debris. Please keep your distance from downed power lines as well as crews and their worksites. If you see a downed power line in your area, please report it by calling 1-800-ENTERGY.

Also, the company encourages customers using generators to use them safely and according to the manufacturer guidelines. Please avoid using generators indoors or near doors and windows as it is a carbon monoxide hazard. And for the safety of utility workers in the area, please do not plug portable generators into a wall outlet; this can cause backfeed (essentially, sending power back onto the grid) and make it unsafe for crews working on nearby electric equipment.

Entergy understands how important power is to our communities and will be working as quickly and, above all, as safely as possible to get the lights back on.

There are several ways to stay in touch with us, including here on the Storm Center and through text messaging, our mobile app and social media channels. Please consider following us on Facebook and Twitter at @EntergyLA.

Louisiana Editorial Team