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Entergy Louisiana storm update – 4/12/24, 10 a.m.


As work progresses on the third day of restoration, cranes and track equipment are being heavily utilized as utility crews narrow in on repairs and rebuild work being made in rural fields and densely wooded areas.

Although approximately 4,000 customers remain without power following Wednesday’s storms that brought high winds and spawned multiple tornadoes, Entergy’s storm team has restored power to most customers and plan to have nearly all customers who can safely accept service back online by tonight.

In Pointe Coupee Parish, as well as in West and East Feliciana parishes, much of the work is off-road. In Point Coupee Parish, crews are focused on Morganza and the area near Levee Road and the Waterloo area east of New Roads. In West and East Feliciana parishes, crews successfully energized two of three substations that were impacted and are working to restore the one serving the Clinton area today. A significant amount of work is taking place on both the distribution and transmission systems in the Feliciana parishes, especially near Commerce Street and Highway 61 north of St. Francisville.

If you are still without power, please check for any damage to the electrical equipment attached to your home or business. If any electrical meters or wiring appear to be damaged, please contact an electrician for assistance. If your electrical equipment appears to have no damage, please call 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243). 

As a reminder, please be mindful of the following safety tips:

  • Stay away from downed power lines and areas of debris. Energized power lines may not be visible among the rubble. Report downed lines immediately to Entergy at 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243).
  • Do not trim trees or remove debris on or near downed power lines. Only power company crews or their contractors should remove trees or limbs touching power lines. Again, please avoid downed power lines.
  • Keep your distance from working crews. Work sites can have any number of hidden dangers for the public, and distracting crews can cause accidents to happen. 
  • If you are using a portable generator, please use it safely and according to manufacturer guidelines. Please do not use generators indoors or plug them directly into your home’s wiring system as this can create what is called backfeed and make it dangerous for utility crews working on nearby power lines.

Stay informed. Be sure to report any outages via our mobile app at or online at

For additional safety tips and updates on our restoration progress, please visit the Storm Center at and follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) at @EntergyLA.

Louisiana Editorial Team