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Entergy Louisiana storm update – 5/14/24, 7:30 a.m.


Entergy crews and contractors are actively assessing damages and restoring power after an intense storm system swept across South Louisiana. In addition to reports of possible tornadic activity in Calcasieu Parish, the storm brought lightning and high winds exceeding 60 mph, resulting in power outages for approximately 92,700 customers at its peak.

Through overnight efforts, substantial progress has been made, with the number of customers without power reduced to about 49,600 by 7:30 a.m., accounting for nearly 46% of those affected. This progress was achieved through various measures, including field switching, which involves isolating damaged portions of the electric system and rerouting power to maximize restoration efforts before extensive field work is required.

The hardest-hit areas are concentrated along the Interstate 10 corridor, stretching from Vinton west of Lake Charles to East Baton Rouge. Early field reports indicate damage to trees, limbs, and power lines, with potential need for tree trimming to clear vegetation before lineworkers can safely begin repairs. Crews from less affected regions are being redeployed to assist in storm-impacted areas to expedite restoration efforts.

Efforts are underway to provide estimated restoration times as damage assessments progress and additional information is gathered.

As customers venture out to assess their surroundings, Entergy urges you to keep your distance from any downed electric equipment like power lines and report it to the company at 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243).

For those utilizing portable generators, please adhere to manufacturer guidelines to prevent safety hazards. Generators should not be used indoors or plugged directly into home wiring to avoid backfeed, which poses risks to utility workers and the public.

In cases where power has been restored to an area but not individual homes, damage assessment may reveal issues such as damage to the weatherhead, which requires repairs by a qualified electrician before Entergy can reconnect service.

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