Insights > Entergy New Orleans continues to modernize gas infrastructure downtown

Entergy New Orleans continues to modernize gas infrastructure downtown


Entergy gas construction crews are continuing to make progress in modernizing the gas system in Orleans Parish. This month, crews have been installing steel pipe in the Central Business District. The new piping operates at a higher pressure, will be more reliable and add enhanced safety features. The modern piping also offers customers the ability to install equipment that the previous piping may not have been able to support, such as emergency generators. An Excess Flow Valve is added during the installation of the newer pipe material, which helps to minimize gas flow if the line is severed.

This work is part of Entergy New Orleans’ Gas Replacement Infrastructure Program that began after the devastating flooding impacts of Hurricane Katrina. More than 580 miles of piping have been replaced since 2007. By 2032, 650 miles of piping are scheduled to be replaced to complete the modernization of the gas system. These newly installed lines will offer many years of safe reliable gas service to the New Orleans Metro area.

Entergy New Orleans delivers natural gas to more than 110,000 customers in Orleans Parish. The ongoing work helps the company manage the integrity, reliability and safety of the gas distribution system, a primary goal for Entergy's Gas Distribution Business. This project will help us rapidly modernize our facilities, improve our operational performance, and better serve our customers.

Matthew Bennett
Communications Specialist II