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Entergy Solutions Helps Texas College Save


A little extra money in your pocket is always a good thing, but it’s even better when coupled with conserving energy. In 2017, Lone Star College’s Kingwood and Montgomery campuses partnered with Entergy Texas to help them save on their electric bill through improved energy efficiency. Over the year, Lone Star College participated in three energy savings programs offered through Entergy Solutions and saved 2,130 kW and 355,851 kWh for a total incentive of $87,658.82.

When a school earns incentive dollars for a project, those funds go back to that school. The campus energy manager can then use those funds for other energy efficiency projects to save more energy and earn more incentive dollars. In 2018, Lone Star College is using these funds from 2017 to start an expensive LED retrofit project.

Lone Star College completed several projects last year ranging from new construction to retrofits, to installing two new HVAC units. They also worked with a member of the Entergy Solutions team to improve behavior by targeting programs to help educate staff, teachers and students how to reduce their energy usage. Finally, Lone Star College participated in a program to drop their energy usage during peak times. During the summer months, they reduced their usage by 2,017 kW.

“We are excited with Lone Star College’s participation in 2017, and we’re pleased to present them with such a large incentive check,” said Mark Delavan, Entergy Solutions program manager. “They were one of the few customers that participated in three programs last year. Because of their diversification in Entergy Texas’ energy efficiency programs, Lone Star College was able to maximize their incentive and save a great deal of energy.”

For residents looking to lower their energy bill by making their home more energy efficient, Entergy Solutions offers several programs for residential customers. For more information on the residential programs, please visit the Entergy Solutions website.


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