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Entergy talks electric vehicles on The Current podcast


Utilities to play vital role as EV adoption increases

Entergy Electric Mobility Portfolio Manager Scott Barrios joined The Current podcast by We Stand for Energy for a discussion on the state of electric transportation. We Stand for Energy is a community that supports reliable, affordable and sustained energy for everyone. The Edison Electric Institute is proud to sponsor this national program.

The number of electric vehicles on U.S. roads could reach 26.4 million in 2030, according to the EEI. That’s nearly 10% of the 259 million light-duty vehicles the organization expects to see on U.S roads that year. This explosive growth is prompting dramatic changes in the expectations of our customers, regulators and communities.

“As we see EV adoption rise, we will see an increased demand to provide the fuel [electricity] required to power them,” said Barrios. “We have an obligation to deliver adorable, reliable and accessible power to all our customers when and where they need it, and we are taking proactive steps to enable that future.”

As EV sales continue to grow, we will need 140,000 EV fast charging ports, according to EEI. That’s a ten-fold increase over today, to support more than 26 million EVs. Scaling EV infrastructure is essential to meet this rising demand, and utilities across the country are increasingly gaining retail regulatory approval to invest in electric transportation.

In 2021, we became a founding member of the National Electrification Highway Coalition, a group of electric companies committed to providing fast charging stations that will empower the public to drive EVs with confidence on America’s roads. Coordination with our neighboring utilities facilitates efficient planning to ensure fewer gaps in charging coverage.

Listen to the podcast interview on Apple Podcasts, BuzzsproutSpotify or the We Stand for Entergy website

At Entergy, we’ve taken a proactive approach to educating customers about vehicle electrification. Through our EV initiative, we offer a robust suite of free interactive tools, like savings calculators, fact sheets and charging station maps, to enable customer choice. We also offer incentives for purchasing charging infrastructure. 

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