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Get summer ready with an HVAC tune-up from Energy Smart


Summer is quickly approaching which means temperatures will be on the rise. Get your homes and businesses summer ready and ensure your A/C units are running efficiently with an HVAC tune-up from Energy Smart.

What are the benefits of a HVAC tune-up?

  • Increased energy efficiency
    • Tune-ups will bring your system up to its peak operating efficiency so less energy is required to cool your home or business and it decreases the wear and tear on your system.
  • Decreased energy bills
    • Increased efficiency helps lower your energy bill. During the tune-up, we will optimize the unit, so it keeps you cool and uses less energy.
  • Decreased A/C repairs
    • A well-maintained unit is less likely to break down.
  • Increased comfort
    • Comfort is key during New Orleans summers. If your system breaks down or is not running efficiently, then you will have to deal with unpleasant temperatures.
  • Increased life span of the HVAC unit
    • HVAC units are an investment that you will want to ensure lasts as long as possible.

Residential customers can get an instant rebate of up to $150 for an A/C tune-up on their central unit. Not only do you save money with the rebate, but an A/C tune-up can improve the cooling output and efficiency of your air conditioning unit by up to 30%. To schedule our A/C tune-up call 504-229-6868 or contact a residential trade ally .

For our commercial customers, Energy Smart has significantly increased its incentives on A/C and heat pump tune-ups. With Incentives starting at $225 and capping at $2,500 per unit depending on the unit’s tonnage.

If you have a reliable commercial HVAC contractor, you are free to use them to complete the tune-up. Don’t have a contractor?  A list of Energy Smart commercial HVAC trade allies can be found on our website located here.   

Prior to receiving the commercial HVAC tune-up, contact Energy Smart to learn about required documentation to receive your incentive. Call 504-229-6868 or email