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Humidity, Hospitality and… Alligators


How does Entergy restore electricity following one of the most devastating storms in the history of the company? It does it by calling on an army of linemen, scouts, tree-trimmers and other electric workers from across the country.

Entergy has already restored power to more than 682,000 of the 902,000 customers affected by Hurricane Ida in Louisiana thanks to the work of more than 26,000 workers from 41 states. These efforts are thanks to one of the unique partnerships across the electric utility industry – mutual assistance agreements between companies to support each other during major restoration events.

These mutual assistance agreements help Entergy quickly staff up to get right to work with restoring power. Workers come from all over, like Ben Iouden, a journeyman lineman from West Penn Power in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

As a new lineman, Ben is experiencing his first trip traveling for a storm and Louisiana hasn’t disappointed.

“We came down here and just try to get everybody's lives back to normal. Get everyone's power back on. It's a really rewarding feeling.”

So far Ben’s time in Louisiana has provided him a taste of just a few things Louisiana is known for: hospitality and hot and humid weather.

“I tell you one thing it's hot. It's really hot. But there are so many friendly customers. Everyone down here is like offering a bite of food or water or Gatorade, whatever it is. And saying thanks.”

And it wouldn’t be a trip to Louisiana without seeing a few of the native reptiles that call Louisiana home. “Coming up that 20-Mile bridge into Baton Rouge, we’ve seen a bunch of alligators.”

Ben and the tens of thousands of electric workers across the region are working day and night to help restore customers as quickly as safely possible. Thanks to their hard work and commitment to Entergy’s customers, our region will soon be able to begin the long-term rebuilding process following Hurricane Ida’s devastation.


Andy Schonert
Manager, Entergy Texas Communications