Insights > Hurricane Ida Daily News Conference – 9/5/21

Hurricane Ida Daily News Conference – 9/5/21


As we begin the second week of restoring power to those who lost it due to Hurricane Ida, we are encouraged by the fact that damage assessment is 100% complete and we have restored power to 39% of our customers who can take it. In total, 349,000 of the more than 900,000 Louisiana customers who lost power due to the storm have been restored and a lot more progress has been made overnight. However, the level of destruction and devastation to the grid is unprecedented, and as we progress further into the restoration effort, our challenges will increase. 

Yesterday, we were able to access our hardest-hit areas in the Bayou Region, including Grand Isle. Crews assessed damage and we are putting our restoration plan in place. We have fully restored all customers in Iberville Parish who can safely accept it--the first region to reach full restoration following Ida. 

If you evacuated and are making plans to return to your home, having power is just one thing to take into consideration. Ultimately, you should follow the guidance from local leaders on when it is safe and prudent to return.


Corporate Editorial Team