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In the News: Kudos for Entergy from DiCaprio, Restore the Earth Foundations


PJ Marshall, co-founder and CEO of Restore the Earth Foundation, recently wrote an article for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation about the importance and good business sense of investing in landscape scale restoration. In the web post, Marshall highlighted Entergy's continued commitment to investing in and restoring Louisiana's landscapes.

He wrote, "Business growth and sustainability are ever more interdependent. Companies relying on the natural resources of our earth to support their value chains are competing against the backdrop of unpredictable climate change impacts. The need to adapt to growing regulatory, environmental and consumer pressures is a must. Today, a commitment to corporate stakeholders is a commitment to doing more than just protecting what's left of our environment. It is a commitment to restoring what we have lost. And that is where landscape scale restoration comes in.”

Restore the Earth Foundation's analysis found that for every dollar invested in reforestation in Louisiana's Tensas National Wildlife Refuge by Entergy and other corporate sponsors, almost $33 in social value and more than $3 of direct market value are created and returned to community stakeholders. With an initial investment of $1.5 million in financial capital, the community and other stakeholders see a return of about $120 million in financial, manufactured, human, social and natural value over 40 years, for a total return on investment of approximately 36 to 1.

Read the full story HERE. (Note: Free subscription required; site may work better in Chrome or Edge browsers than Internet Explorer.)

This year, Entergy strengthened its commitment to advancing environmental and sustainability initiatives and adding value to our key stakeholders by forming a new organization tasked with coordinating the company's focus on sustainability strategies, goals and outcomes.