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Megan Norris in the News: Strong Leader for a Brighter Future


Megan Norris
Megan Norris

Word of Entergy Louisiana employee Megan Norris' achievements has spread across southwest Louisiana. Thrive, a monthly lifestyle magazine, featured the Lake Charles Power Station manager as one of its "Thirteen Thriving 30-Somethings" in its April 2019 issue.

The article focuses on young, dedicated leaders who have achieved success and exhibited a commitment to community, a description that easily fits Norris.

The McNeese State University graduate joined Entergy in 2007 as an engineer at the Nelson Plant. She held several engineering, process and production superintendent positions and managed the Calcasieu Plant before moving to LCPS.

In the article, she attributes her accomplishment in part to shifting her measure of success from "task-driven" to a team concept of success. She also highlights her unique opportunity to hire and develop a sustainable staff through a diverse and inclusive culture at the plant.

In the community, she was a founder of SWLA pride to help increase acceptance of LGBTQ people in the area and educate the public on LGBTQ issues. The company recognized her significance by featuring Norris as a "strong leader for a brighter future."

Watch her, though. When asked, "If you could sit in someone else's seat for a day, whose seat would that be and why?" she responded, "T​he president of the United States." She wants to "understand the true stresses of the job" and how much power the president has to "make meaningful change."

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