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Putting Life Back Together – One Nail At A Time


One year after Harvey, we’re still inspired by the resilience of our communities. The devastation from the storm brought out the best in people. We wanted to share just a few of the inspiring stories and people that make Southeast Texas strong.

When Harvey hit, many of the victims who lost everything didn’t qualify for help from FEMA. Some couldn’t even prove who they were or where they lived, because Harvey washed away all their paperwork.

That’s where Mission Northeast in New Caney stepped in. With assistance of the Mission’s benefactors, including a $10,000 grant from Entergy Texas, the mission was able to help people with some of the simplest, yet vital, needs. This included help with travel expenses to get to FEMA offices to file for assistance, and building materials to rebuild their homes.

“I think the most touching and telling is that our clients have been so selfless in their requests. Even those who lost everything have just asked for the smallest amount, so that they could get started back, but working on their own,” said Pamela Dickson, director of Mission Northeast, Inc. in New Caney.

Of the many cases handled by the Mission, some include large families who lost their homes but just needed money to rebuild.

 “A family of 8 -- 2 adults and 6 children -- lived in a mobile home that was picked up and lodged between 2 trees. They remained living on the property in tents, in August, with the heat and mosquitoes, because they were afraid their belongings would be stolen if they left,” Dickson said. “The mother works as a housekeeper in South Houston, and the father is a construction worker who recently (at the time of Harvey) was hurt when he fell off a ladder.

“All this family asked for was building material, so the father could do the work himself. This family was one of those denied help from FEMA because they couldn't provide proof of ownership,” Dickson said. “Mission Northeast purchased $1,886.60 in construction supplies so the dad could rebuild. Because of Entergy, Mission Northeast was able to help immediately when people came to us for assistance.”

Photographed is the family’s home that suffered damage during Harvey.


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