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Reduce your environmental impact with Entergy Solutions


Earth Day is April 22, and Entergy Solutions is here to help you make an impact with a variety of simple upgrades to your home that will help you conserve energy and reduce your environmental footprint.

Go green and save green

You can upgrade your home’s comfort and increase energy saving with Entergy Solutions’ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® assessment. The assessment takes a whole-home approach to improving energy-efficiency and is no cost to you.

During this in-person assessment, an energy advisor will complete a walk-through of your home and will install no-cost energy-efficient products, such as LED light bulbs, smart power strips and smart thermostats. The assessment also reduces the up-front cost of installing energy efficiency upgrades in your home. Depending on the improvements you choose, you could save at least 20% on your annual utility bill. 

Lower your carbon footprint with energy-efficient appliance rebates

Energy Smart provides rebates for a variety of ENERGY STAR certified appliances, including:

  • Smart thermostats: Up to $50
  • Air purifiers & Dehumidifiers: $25
  • Window air-conditioner units: $50
  • Refrigerators: $50
  • In-ground pool pumps: $300
  • Heat-pump water heaters: $400

Shop Earth shattering deals by visiting our online store

Shop in our Online Marketplace for a variety of discounted energy-saving products, including:

  • No-cost energy efficiency kits
  • Pipe insulation
  • Advanced power strips
  • Smart thermostats
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air purifiers
  • And more

Make a difference this Earth Day

To learn more about Entergy Solutions and the other energy-saving opportunities, visit, email or call 844-829-1300.

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