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Save Energy with Advanced Power Strips


That streaming video you want to watch when you get home? It's wasting energy waiting for you to press a button. That kind of energy waste is common with electronic devices, and it's called phantom power. One way to save energy and money with electronics in your home is by using advanced power strips.

With advanced power strips, you can plug in a control device that, when turned off, automatically cuts off power to other devices. For example, if the control device is a TV, you can plug in the streaming device and other electronics directly related to the use of that TV, such as a gaming console and DVD player.

Normally, when you switch off your TV, it stays on standby. However, the other devices probably stay on some capacity as well. These devices are wasting energy because, with no TV running, they have nothing to contribute.

With an advanced power strip, clicking off your TV automatically powers off these devices so they don't use energy. Later, when you turn your TV back on, everything else turns right back on with it. In this case, one click of a button puts your TV in standby mode and eliminates energy waste for three other devices.

Advanced power strips not only save energy, they also protect your devices from storms and surges, as well as provide added internet security. Now that's smart.

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