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Time to Weatherize!


National Weatherization Day may not be the holiday you normally think of at the end of October, but if you weatherize your home, you will get more treats than tricks when winter arrives.

October is Energy Awareness Month and National Weatherization Day (Oct. 30) is aimed at focusing on weatherization projects and those who perform the energy efficiency work.

Recently, more than 60 Entergy employees volunteered to rehab more than a dozen homes to make them more energy efficient during the 5th Annual Baton Rouge Weatherization Day. They changed light bulbs, caulked windows, installed new air filters and much more.

For one resident named "Ms. Edna," the assistance she received is helping her get through some of her darkest days.

"We went in to help Ms. Edna redo her house," said Donna Edwards, an employee in the Distribution Operations Center. "She was out of light bulbs and out of batteries. It seems like no one is there to help her. She lost her daughter and her husband. This is just sad. It really is sad."

In just a couple of hours, Edwards and a crew of Entergy employees replaced lightbulbs, caulked her windows, installed a smoke detector, gave her clean air filters and a new box fan.

"It felt wonderful to help her. I felt so blessed, because we are so blessed," Edwards said.

Entergy provided $25,000 toward the project, which included professional contractors installing insulation, hot water heater blankets and other energy upgrades.

Baton Rouge Mayor-President Kip Holden spoke to the volunteers during an opening ceremony at Lee High School gymnasium. He praised the workers and said their efforts literally change the quality of life for those he represents.

"You in your own special way show them a special light -- and that's the light in your heart," Holden said. "You're showing people that you're here to make your future brighter."

Kacee Kirschvink
Manager, Entergy Arkansas Communications