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Entergy New Orleans Prepared for Winter Weather


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NEW ORLEANS – After last year’s record-breaking winter, Entergy New Orleans remains focused on preparing for what Mother Nature may bring when the weather turns colder. And, while weather can be unpredictable, the company remains storm ready no matter the season.

In 2021, February’s historic cold and ice brought with it some of the coldest temperatures to the region in more than 30 years. In some instances, the record low temperatures exceeded lows dating back to 1903.

Following the freeze, the company conducted a significant review of its preparedness and protections against extreme conditions, developed a comprehensive plan to better protect our infrastructure from cold and made substantial progress in our work on improving those protections. The company also worked to develop power plant-specific and business unit procedures to implement the latest North American Electric Reliability Corporation winter readiness standard that will be used starting this winter season.

To prepare for winter weather, Entergy employees are:

  • Making winter weather preparations at the company’s power plants, including employee training and implementation of new readiness programs, which were concluded prior to this winter season.
  • Insulating power plants using improved methods and materials to protect them from lower temperatures. This included critical infrastructure and pipes that could hold standing water.
  • Erecting devices used to deflect wind and protect pumps and other critical equipment.
  • Utilizing more monitoring equipment, including wireless devices, to monitor temperatures to equipment.
  • Inspecting and testing equipment that can be impacted by extreme cold such as gas-filled circuit breakers.
  • Ensuring the readiness of assets that provide electric service to critical gas infrastructure and other points of delivery that are vital to support generation reliability and resiliency.
  • Inspecting and maintaining substations and transmission lines that are critical to Bulk Electric System reliability.
  • Conducting winter readiness drills and training for key personnel responsible for the reliable operation of the transmission system.
  • Patrolling circuits to mitigate vegetation damage and threats near our lines.
  • Using satellite imagery to predict where more thorough trimming is needed.
  • Conducting winter readiness drills and training, including lessons-learned from past winter storms and other sever weather events.

Storm Ready, Year-round

Entergy New Orleans monitors severe weather threats 24/7, 365 days a year. When severe weather occurs, we use forecasts and computer models based on experience with previous storms to predict an estimated number and duration of outages that could possibly occur. Entergy continuously plans and improves the process of assessing damage, positioning personnel in the right place with the required materials to restore power as safely and quickly as possible.

Customers Should Prepare Now

While extremely cold temperatures are rare in the Orleans metro area, it's still important to be prepared for freezing weather. Have a kit of basic emergency supplies and a family emergency plan ready as the winter season begins. 

During severe winter weather, power lines may be downed from falling branches or other hazards. There is no way to know if the line is energized or not.  Stay away from downed or low-hanging wires and call 1-800-Entergy to report them.

Staying informed before, during and after severe weather strikes is just as important as making personal storm plans. Here’s how you can stay up to date on our preparations and restoration efforts:

  • Download the Entergy App here. Customers can use the app to report outages or check on the status of power at their home or business.
  • Sign up for text messages about storm and restoration efforts by texting REG to 36778.
  • Social media plays an important role in keeping customers informed, and the company places a high priority on updating its social media channels throughout an event with tips. Customers can follow Entergy New Orleans on Facebook and Twitter.
  • The Entergy Storm Center website has storm safety, preparation and restoration information that is updated throughout the day.