News Release > Entergy New Orleans and Sagewell, Inc. launch incentive program for electric vehicle owners

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Entergy New Orleans and Sagewell, Inc. launch incentive program for electric vehicle owners


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Electric vehicle drivers can earn up to one month of free driving a year by charging off-peak

NEW ORLEANS – Entergy New Orleans and Sagewell, Inc. are working together to reduce the cost of electric vehicle ownership by offering EV owners the ability to earn a financial reward for off-peak charging. For 2023, the program is accepting 350 enrollments on a first come, first served basis and EV drivers can enroll online at Sagewell’s Bring Your Own Charger® (BYOC) program has received industry awards from the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA), Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and American Public Power Association (APPA).

The program incentivizes EV owners to charge their vehicles during preset off-peak hours, with no special hardware or separate meter required. Participants will program their vehicles to charge during off-peak hours, and software algorithms developed by analytics company Sagewell will confirm off-peak charging is happening using advanced meter data. Enrolled customers will receive a credit of $7 per month, paid quarterly. For an EV driver that charges off-peak, the incentives earned are enough to pay for electricity for a typical EV to drive approximately 2,000 miles per year[1].

Off-peak EV charging helps smooth energy demand and utilizes available overnight capacity in the electric system, resulting in lower energy costs and less strain on the energy grid. Other communities participating in Sagewell’s programs have seen participants charge off-peak at least 90% of the time, helping to integrate EV charging load more efficiently with the utility’s distribution system.

“Entergy New Orleans continues to embrace new ways to support electric vehicle drivers and the growing number of EV registrations in New Orleans,” said Ross Thevenot, Entergy New Orleans Demand Side Management Senior Project Manager. “As the proliferation of EVs continues, programs like this will help benefit all customers and help minimize impacts to the grid.”

Pasi Miettinen, CEO of Sagewell added, “We are very excited to launch the program with Entergy New Orleans. The City of New Orleans is still early in the EV journey, but programs like BYOC can help make EVs more affordable for residents and help ensure EV growth does not negatively impact the grid.”

The pilot will initially enroll up to 350 EV drivers who are residential customers of Entergy New Orleans and who use any type of Level 2 charger at home, including 240-volt charging cables provided by vehicle manufacturers. Interested EV drivers can enroll by visiting:

[1]Assumes $7 monthly incentive, weighted average $/kWH on electric rate RES-25, and 3 miles per kWh. Individual results may vary.

About Energy Smart

Energy Smart is the comprehensive energy efficiency and demand response program developed by the New Orleans City Council and administered by Entergy New Orleans. The program provides financial incentives for making energy efficiency upgrades and participating in demand response initiatives.

The program launched in 2010 and is open to all Entergy New Orleans residential and business customers. Since the program began, Energy Smart has paid more than $43 million in incentives to more than 113,000 participants, saving customers nearly 355 million kWh. For more information about Energy Smart, visit or call 504-229-6868.

About Entergy New Orleans

Entergy New Orleans, LLC provides electricity to more than 209,000 customers and natural gas to more than 110,000 customers in Orleans Parish, Louisiana.

About Sagewell, Inc.

Sagewell, Inc. has provided energy data analytics, demand side programs, and consulting services to utilities for more than ten years. Sagewell’s industry leading electrification programs leverage Sagewell's AMI meter data analytics software, and customer segmentation and targeting solutions to deliver cost saving and emissions reduction benefits to utility customers and utilities. Bring Your Own Charger® (BYOC) is a registered trademark of Sagewell, Inc.