News Release > Entergy Pledges $1M Additional Assistance to Help Customers Deal with Extreme Heat, High Bills

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Entergy Pledges $1M Additional Assistance to Help Customers Deal with Extreme Heat, High Bills


NEW ORLEANS – In response to this summer's extended heat wave and record power usage, Entergy Corporation is allocating $1 million across its four-state service territory to help qualifying elderly and disabled customers who are in need of assistance paying their summer energy bills.

The allocation is divided into two parts:

  • Entergy shareholders are providing $500,000 to local nonprofit agencies that offer bill payment assistance to elderly and disabled customers who need assistance.
  • Additionally, Entergy is launching a "Double Your Power" fundraising drive to bolster The Power to Care customer assistance fund. Entergy shareholders will give $2 for every $1 in new customer donations to The Power to Care fund, up to an additional $500,000.

"We are taking these actions because we are mindful that this summer's extended record-breaking heat wave has pushed energy usage to unprecedented levels. It's been a real one-two punch for all of our customers, and it could have a serious impact on our most vulnerable customers who don't have the resources to absorb a spike in their energy costs. We hope our donations will give some relief to those in true need," said Gary Taylor, group president of utility operations at Entergy.

These supplemental donations will provide emergency utility assistance for thousands more elderly and disabled customers beyond those already assisted by Entergy this summer in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Orleans and Texas.

As part of the initial corporate donation, utility company presidents are presenting checks totaling $500,000 to the nonprofit agencies that administer The Power to Care fund in their region.

The funds are being split among Entergy utilities based on the number of customers served by each entity. The initial allocations and the total potential donation by utility company are: Entergy Arkansas, Inc. $130,000, with the possibility of shareholder and customer donations reaching up to $325,000; Entergy Louisiana, LLC, $120,000, with the possibility of total donations reaching up to $300,000; Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C., $75,000, with total possible donations of up to $187,500; Entergy Mississippi, Inc., $80,000, with total possible donations of up to $200,000; Entergy New Orleans, Inc., $25,000, with total potential donations of up to $62,500; and Entergy Texas, Inc., $75,000, with total possible donations reaching up to $187,500.

Customers who need assistance should make applications directly to partnering agencies. Lists of agencies participating in The Power to Care fund can be found on Entergy's website. Customers who want to make donations to the fund can do so at

As part of the overall initiative to help customers, Entergy is also:

  • Providing 1,000 home weatherization starter kits via special promotions throughout the company's four-state region
  • Extending and expanding services at emergency cooling centers, and
  • Donating an additional 5,000 fans to qualifying customers via a second round of the company's "Beat the Heat" campaign

The special donation and fundraising drive is continuing the work that Entergy has done to help educate customers about energy-efficiency tips and tools, bill payment assistance, bill management programs and other strategies the company offers to help manage through a hot summer.

Customers have access to money-saving tips and tools in one powerful online resource — ENsight, Entergy's website to help customers save money on their bills. Enhanced features on ENsight include energy, lighting and appliance calculators; simple tips to make homes and businesses more energy-efficient; and information about available energy-efficiency programs.

As they've done throughout the summer, Entergy representatives will continue making energy-efficiency presentations in communities and conducting workshops designed to help customers save money.

"The extended heat wave has made it a very challenging summer for customers, and Entergy wants to do its part to help customers get through the rest of the season as safely, comfortably and cost-effectively as possible," Taylor said.

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