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Entergy Urges Parade-Goers to Stay Safe and Be Vigilant



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Beads, balloons and other items can cause power outages

BATON ROUGE – It’s Carnival time! As the beads and other items go flying through the air, Entergy Louisiana, LLC reminds you not only about the importance of being safe around power lines, but also staying alert as well.

Festive metallic balloons that folks release into the air can also cause problems. If they get caught in power lines, they can cause power outages.

“Being aware of what’s happening around you is the key element to staying safe, and we want to remind locals and visitors alike that awareness is a shared responsibility,” said Sheila Pounders, regional director of customer service. “So while you’re enjoying the thrill of catching beads or having fun watching helium balloons float off into space, make sure to keep safety as your top priority.”

While you might be tempted to go for beads you missed, it is better to leave them alone if they are near power lines, which can carry thousands of volts of electricity. The electricity wants to take the easiest path to the ground and will look for shortcuts wherever it can. Even the smallest amount of electricity can cause injury or death.

“No Mardi Gras throw is worth touching a power line,” Pounders said. “Even if you don’t touch it directly, grabbing beads hanging from a power line or touching a power line with an object like a ladder or a net at the end of a pole can provide an instant path for electricity. If that happens, you can be seriously hurt or even killed. Recognizing these hazards can help everyone have a safe and happy Carnival season.”

In addition, Entergy reminds you to keep an eye on other possible hazards and activity around you. Here are several tips:

  • If you notice a problem with a power line, keep a safe distance and call 1-800-ENTERGY to report it.
  • If you notice any suspicious activity, such as unattended packages, vehicles where they shouldn’t be parked, or people taking pictures of critical infrastructure, report it through the See Something, Send Something app manned by the Louisiana State Police and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Of course, if a situation requires immediate police action or other emergency services, call 911.

“Whether it’s Carnival season or storm season, safety is always Entergy’s top priority,” Pounders said. “We want you to stay safe while having fun.”

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