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Keep your krewe safe this Mardi Gras


Photo courtesy of Getty Images
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Carnival season has long been underway, but with the biggest krewes hitting the parade routes soon, it’s important to catch these safety tips before going after your favorite Mardi Gras throws.

Be sure to celebrate Mardi Gras safely by keeping your distance from power lines, or anything that’s touching them. Overhead power lines can carry thousands of volts of electricity. Touching a power line with any part of your body, grabbing beads hanging from a power line or touching a power line with objects like ladders or nets can provide an instant path for electricity. If that happens, you can be seriously hurt or even killed.

Safety is Entergy’s top priority. Did you know, each year, Entergy crews patrol the routes and ride in front of parades to correct any potential float-clearance issues to keep riders safe?

 Other safety tips to remember during Mardi Gras include:

  • Whether you’re on a float or on the ground, avoid throwing beads on power lines.
  • Don’t climb utility poles looking for a better view.
  • If you use a long-handled net to catch throws, be careful that you avoid pushing the net into overhead power lines.
  • Be careful when climbing ladders on the parade route. Always be aware of what’s above and around you.
  • If you take Mylar balloons outdoors, make sure that they are securely tied to weights that are heavy enough to keep them from floating away.

Colorful Mylar balloons may add to the festivities, but they also can cause power outages. How? Those metallic-coated balloons can cause an electrical surge if they make contact with power lines or other electrical equipment. This surge can knock out power and lead to fires, property damage and injuries.

Entergy wants you to stay safe while celebrating. Remember: never attempt to retrieve anything that’s on or near a power line. If you see a downed line, keep your distance and immediately call 1-800-ENTERGY (1-800-368-3749).