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Keeping the Power Flowing to Shenandoah


Electricity is a vital commodity, especially during these hot summer months, and Entergy is always working to improve service to our customers.

One of the areas of several areas of focus right now is the City of Shenandoah, which has experienced several outages this summer. While some outages were due to vegetation contacting the lines or the public causing damage, such as poles dug into or car crashes, other outages were system issues where equipment failed.

Following a detailed inspection of equipment across the Shenandoah Valley, Entergy is undertaking a multi-pronged approach to improving reliability now. From trimming vegetation and removing dead or dying trees from the right of way to completely rebuilding sections of the system, Entergy employees and contractors have been working to improve reliability in the area.

Rebuilding Existing Lines

Crews are rebuilding about half a mile of major power lines that stretch from the from Holly Hill Drive to Driftwood Ln. This line is considered the “trunk” of the system that feeds power to the homes and businesses throughout the area.

This rebuild is addressing poles, wires, conductors, transformers and all the other equipment that goes onto them. It also includes new equipment called reclosers that can help minimize faults on the line. This work is ongoing and will last until at least the end of the year.

Improving Service Across Neighborhoods

As the major trunk is being rebuilt, crews will also be working on other issues as well. Entergy crews will be replacing poles, transformers and other equipment across the Shenandoah area. Crews will also install newer, more modern equipment to help better manage power flow in the area. 

Residents could see workers in their yards, replacing poles, wire and equipment. In some cases, these yards are hard to access, because the poles are in backyards. While minimal excavation or outages are expected, Entergy will work to notify customers in advance, either through phone calls, door hangers or with in-person visits.

Continually Looking for Opportunities

In addition, a walkdown of the South Valley lines, which roughly runs from Shenandoah Drive to Research Forest is also taking place. This involves crews walking the entire area, inspecting poles, wires, transformers, animal guards, lightning arrestors and other equipment.

Any potential problem areas that need repair or replacement will be documented, and crews will be going back to work in the areas once a work plan has been developed.

Modernizing Technology

Additionally, as Entergy Texas works to upgrade distribution equipment across its system, the company is also in the process of deploying new, advanced technology to better serve customers.  These include tools to better monitor our equipment and respond to outages more quickly, and even prevent problems before they affect customers.