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Another Successful Year Adds Up for Entergy’s Tutoring Program


For the third consecutive year, Entergy’s employee-driven tutoring program helped students from International High School of New Orleans prepare for the math portion of the ACT college entrance exam.

To help improve ACT math scores, which leads to higher college acceptance rates and scholarship opportunities, employee volunteers met with the high school juniors and seniors for a one-hour, one-on-one tutoring session each week throughout the school year. The students also had the chance to interact with members of Entergy’s executive team, including Rod West, utility group president.

“The future is one long string of actions you take right now,” West said to the students. “You never want to meet the person you could have been if you had not made the decision to achieve your goals when you had the chance. As a kid growing up in New Orleans, I didn’t have access to the same opportunities made available to you today. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of educational programs like this one that will help prepare you for a successful future.”

A recent report shows the typical college graduate will earn roughly $900,000 more than the typical high school graduate over their working life. Entergy’s employee-driven tutoring program is a business imperative to ensure New Orleans-area students have the resources needed to successfully cross barriers to higher education.

How the success adds up:

  • In 2017-18, the average ACT composite score for students who participated in the tutoring program was 23, compared to IHSNO’s average ACT composite score of 17.2. An ACT composite score of 22 or 23 is one of the requirements for most four-year universities in Louisiana. This means that participating in Entergy’s free tutoring program might be the difference in students’ acceptance into college and the potential for TOPS and other scholarships.
  • In 2017-18, one participant improved their ACT math score by eight points and ACT composite score by seven points.
  • In 2016-17, one participant improved their ACT math score by 10 points and ACT composite score by six points.
  • In 2018-19, one participant scored a 24 on the ACT math portion and a 21 ACT composite score on their first attempt.

Numbers tell a good story, but what do the students, tutors and teachers have to say?

  • “Entergy ACT math prep, in conjunction with my math classes, helped me significantly. The one-on-one tutoring helped because I did not have to wait to ask questions. During ACT prep, I gained a greater understanding of how the ACT would be formatted and how hard the math on the test would be.” -11th grade IHSNO student
  • “I loved the entire experience. It was my first time tutoring in this program, and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But, I built a great relationship with my student and truly feel the tutoring made a difference.” -Andy, a director in Entergy’s finance department and ACT math tutor
  • “The tutoring partnership with Entergy is a phenomenal opportunity for our students to build relationships with individuals they may not otherwise interact with,” said Brandon Boston, math chair for International High School of New Orleans. “I admired how serious our students took this opportunity to receive support, and it definitely showed on their ACT scores.”

Students also received an attendance award upon completion of the program and were eligible for Entergy shareholder-funded scholarships, of up to $1,200, based on their test scores.

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