Insights > Volunteers get Extra FULL hearts helping Extra Table launch creative initiative

Volunteers get Extra FULL hearts helping Extra Table launch creative initiative


Extra Table Extra FULL Event

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A warm bowl of red beans and rice is the ultimate comfort food. While we can prepare this regional favorite any time we have a craving for it, many of our customers struggle to feed their families each day. Extra Table, one of our community partners, is working hard to fight hunger in our communities and Entergy Mississippi team members love to pitch in and help.

Our volunteers recently helped Extra Table launch Extra FULL, Mississippi’s first one-pot meal created to feed Mississippi families in need. With this simple meal kit, they will be able to prepare a quick, easy and enjoyable meal of red beans and rice that is rich in both nutrients and flavor.

Last April, we launched Entergy Mississippi’s 100th anniversary celebration by helping pack 10,000 meals as a trial run for this concept. We also committed to packing 100,000 meals during the centennial year.

At an event held March 20 in Jackson, Entergy Mississippi team members fulfilled that commitment, packing 90,000 meals as Extra Table announced the Extra FULL initiative to the public. The red beans and rice meal kits will be the first of its kind to hit the shelves of Mississippi food pantries, bringing comfort to our customers and their families. Now, that is certainly something worth celebrating!