Plan ahead to ensure your safety

When outages strike, we work hard to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to all customers. But we can’t guarantee continuity of service or priority in restoration, and unplanned outages can’t be completely avoided.

Do your medical needs require electricity? If so, make sure you have a plan in case of a power outage.

The communities in our service area are prone to damaging hurricanes, tornadoes and ice storms. If your household depends on life-support or other medical equipment, it’s important to be prepared for unplanned, extended outages. You can discuss the need for such a plan with your physician.

Your plan could include relocating the patient, a back-up source of power such as a generator or ensuring that portable machines with battery back-up are available.

It’s also a good idea to have an outage kit and communication plan in place. We offer preparedness resources to help you think it all through.

While our crews are dedicated to restoring power, it’s your responsibility to have a backup system and plan in place for power outages or other emergencies.

How we can help

If your medical needs require electricity, we’ll work with you to minimize the impact of a power outage and help develop a plan of action should an outage affect you.

Who’s eligible?

This support is reserved for customers who:

  1. Have a ventilator in use in their homes 24 hours a day.
  2. Have a left ventricular assist device, or LVAD, in use in their homes 24 hours a day.
  3. Have residents in their homes who are on hospice care.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, start by calling the Entergy customer contact center at 1-800-368-3749. When you explain your medical needs, the contact center agent will provide you with a fax number. Your physician should then fax a statement (on their letterhead or prescription pad) to that number explaining what type of equipment is used in the home, the patient’s service location, the Entergy account number and the account holder’s name.

Keep in mind that participating in this program does not:

  • Prevent disconnection if you don’t pay your bill or call us to make arrangements.
  • Provide a discount on your electric service.
  • Mean your power is restored first in an outage. It’s very important to have a plan in place.

Call 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243) to report downed power lines